Let's stretches back to the year 1968. It started from a lady who loved baking. Since she needed quite amount of coconut milk for her baking, she made it herself by using traditional methods (grated and squeezed the coconut). As she turned her hobby into a business, her husband made her a grated coconut machine.

That profitable machine produced more grated coconut and the process was much faster. Neighbors knew and finally more people noticed about the grated coconut. They came to buy grated coconuts. By the time, MICRON became the first grated coconut seller who was using the first grated machine in Bandung. 

Later MICRON made another big step. Believing that the most Indonesian people fond of chili, MICRON provided ground chili to the market. 

As the time went by,  and the needs of seasoning and spices increased, MICRON grew into the biggest cooking spices supplies in Bandung. MICRON provides ground tumeric, pepper, ginger, cayenne, also fried shallot, peanut butter and many more among its' products.

Nowadays in this instant era, more and more career women are happening. However, it's still Moms obligation to prepare healthy, tasty and nutritious meal for their family members. There are great demands for instant spices which save a lot of moms time to cook the meal. MICRON helps Moms.

At present, MICRON has developed more than 30 Ready-to-Cook instant spices recipes. MICRON uses ONLY natural ingredients and proudly stated has stand the consumers taste test (yippieeee).

SAMARA MICRON strives to continue to provides the needs of cooking spices not only in Bandung and other parts of Indonesia, but also other countries worldwide.

We gratefully welcome you to be our sales promotion team ...